christmas cards

One thing I love about the holiday season is receiving Christmas cards from so many friends and family members.

We had a great photo shoot this summer but I was thinking that it might be fun to have a holiday themed photo of Elia for our card, instead of a summery one and thought I'd try to take some photos myself.

I just had to share the results.  Below is the best shot I got outdoors.

 We moved the party inside and the photos didn't improve much,

At least her outfit was cute.  Can't wait to see how your holiday cards turned out!


thanksgiving week

After a two month hiatus, there is nothing like the beginning of the holiday season to kick start a family blog.  We have spent the last week enjoying lots of time with both of our families, relaxing, and getting ready for the marathon that is December.

Elia loved playing with her cousins this week, especially Madeline who taught her all about being a two-year old.  Elia can't wait to try all of her tips out when she turns two this spring.  She liked seeing Griffin, too and if you ask her, she would be happy to confirm that he is a "bebe", as she stated every time she saw him.

The girls kept busy playing with marshmallows on Thanksgiving before we settled in for a delicious meal followed by much-needed naps for kids and grown-ups (at least me, not sure about the others, I was too busy napping to notice).

Tradition called for the annual cutting of the family Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.

It was cold but Elia was a trooper and helped us pick the perfect one.

Today, we went to meet a reindeer.

Look closely and you'll see is in the background, she was not at all interested in petting the creature but we sure enjoyed looking at them.

The train though, she would have watched the train for hours.

After dinner tonight we got to work on trimming the tree and I have to tell you, we have discovered a better way to add lights to your tree.

Look at all of those lights!  We have never been able to achieve such full light coverage without the configuration of the lights being quite visible before.

The key? Add your lights vertically.  Stop wrapping your tree with lights and just go up and down.  It works and it's easy!  Thank you, Real Simple, for the tip!

Now we have ornaments to add.  Happy Thanksgiving and may your holiday season be filled with joy!