happy birthday, tmn!

I know that I just blogged yesterday but I couldn't let today go by without wishing Todd a very happy birthday.  As you're all celebrating the end of 2012 tonight, we'll be ringing in another year of Todd and that's a pretty great thing to celebrate.

So here's to this guy:

Happy birthday!  I can't wait to take on your next year with you.


comfort and joy

Comfort and joy.  For us, those two words sum up the last ten days or so rather nicely.  Todd and I have spent lots of time with family and lots of time with each other.  We've had time to really, really relax - sleeping in late, reading, taking our time to get the house in order, indulging in late night TV marathons.  It's been pretty fantastic.

Christmas is always a wonderful time of year and the perfect prelude to the coming season.  With just over 100 days left until my due date, we continue to look forward to meeting our little girl with excitement and joy.  Mini received quite a few Christmas gifts from excited grandparents, aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles, and even Santa knew she'd been a good little girl.  Yesterday, I washed the cutest and tiniest load of laundry I've ever done.  It was so cute that I've already folded it and put it away and that NEVER happens this quickly.  It's hard to believe that our daughter will be here, wearing those tiny outfits in just a few months and we are just continually blown away by the generosity and love that my pregnancy has been met with.  Our little girl is already so loved by us and so many others - we are all so, so lucky.  Have I said that already?  If not on the blog, I have to Todd, almost daily.  It's amazing and overwhelming in the best possible way.

So, in the next 106 days, we will put together her crib, paint her nursery, do more cute laundry, and wait for her with all the patience we can muster.

Oh, and this thing...

Rumor has it, my belly will continue to grow.  I know, some days, I can't believe it either - it seems impossible that my belly could grow any larger but with 15 weeks to go, I still have room to grow (though I'm not sure I can say the same for some of my pants...).

Despite my growing belly, I still feel great.  Still no weird cravings although I've eaten more Frosted Flakes in the past two weeks than I had in the last ten years.  Todd went to the store the other day and came home with three boxes for me because they were on sale...and they don't last long around here.  What can I say, they're grrrrrreat!

I hope that all of you have had a wonderful holiday season too - comfort and joy all around.