twinkle, twinkle

The weekend prior to Elia's first birthday, we were blessed to celebrate her first year with our family and some of our closest friends.

We chose a "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" theme for the party.

And decided to keep things pretty simple, with just some snacks and of course, a cake.

I was particularly concerned about the cake since Elia, up to that point, had never had anything sweeter than a mango and, absolutely no added sugar, and I'm pretty committed to keeping it that way for a while. I spent more hours than I should admit looking for the perfect cake recipe for her party. I finally settled on a carrot cake recipe with cream cheese frosting, which seemed to go over pretty well.

When I was a girl, my dad made my(and my siblings') birthday cakes every year and they were always magical. We never knew the theme ahead of time, and we couldn't wait to see our cake on our birthday morning, they never disappointed. Keeping with that tradition, my dad came over early to help with Elia's cake. A fun tradition to keep up, and an added blessing, as I'm terrible at frosting cakes.

To be honest, we weren't entirely sure what to do for a first birthday party. We've only been to one before, and that was on a beautiful summer day so we all visited outside and watched the kids play together. Turns out, that's all you need to do, even on a rainy spring day. All of the kids who were there got along swimmingly, and it was really fun to see them all interacting.

As an added bonus, I had not only my sister visiting but, my little brother walked through our door the night before the party, in town to help us celebrate and help my sister move cross-country. What a blessing and what a surprise!

 All in all, Bug was so happy to have her friends and family over to play.

What a joy. Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate and sent birthday wishes!

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