milestone madness

Wells has had a really big couple of weeks and we're quite excited about it around here.

In the last ten days, he has not only cut his first tooth but also his second.


springtime vibes

The past few days have been gorgeous around these parts, I'm talking 50+ degrees on Friday, blue skies all weekend, and sun shining brightly. We are so used to long, grey, winters here in West Michigan and it is so energizing and refreshing to have a string of sunny days to break up the gloom many of us feel by February.

We spent more time outside in the last three days than we have in months, enjoying a walk around Reed's Lake, sunny Saturday errands, and a trip to the playground on Sunday. It. Was. Awesome. 


vday outtakes

I wanted the kids to pose for a Valentine's picture, nothing fancy just a shot of them showing off their sibling love. This is what we came up with:

Not bad. They're both looking in my general direction. Of course that was one of about fifty shots, and frankly, the others are so funny. We joke that Elia loves Wells in theory but not always in practice. That shines through in a few of these. Enjoy the Neckers kids, unedited.


galentine's fun

We had a lovely weekend celebrating love with our family and friends. On Saturday, Elia and I hosted a little "galentine's" play date. A group of my mom friends and their kids came over in the morning and we drank mimosas, made some Valentine crafts, and enjoyed more than our share of sweet treats (thank you to Jennie, Maddie, Sarah, Parker, and Anya for bringing the delicious and adorable cookies and cupcakes!).

Elia loved having her little friends over to play and she especially enjoyed sneaking doughnut holes while I wasn't looking.


wells: month eight

What a month Wells' eighth month has been! It flew by so incredibly fast, partially due to the fact that we weren't at home for most of it making our daily rush just that much crazier.

He has been working towards crawling but isn't quite there yet.