holiday photo outfits

Last week we had our family photos taken for our annual Christmas card. Our photos will be back to us soon but in the meantime, I wanted to share our photo outfits with you.

Over the years we've played with different styles, some more formal and some less. These days, we're feeling pretty casual, as necessitated by life with two young kids. I also love the idea of coordinating all the time but alas, when Elia picks her own outfits and Wells spits up on his and Todd and I throw on whatever is clean and readily available, coordination is not our strongest game. Family pictures gives us a chance to step out of that and do something a little more thoughtful.

This year, I wanted to go with more looks with more traditional colors that weren't a huge departure from our everyday style but still a little special. Our looks are pictured below and you can see them in the sidebar photo as well - a special sneak peek.

holiday photo outfits

My best tips for picking photo shoot outfits are:


one in diapers

Big things are happening here, people. Really big things. Well, I might be overstating that. One big thing is happening here. Our number one girl is....

(drum roll please)

Potty trained!

Yup. We think it's a really big deal.

We started dabbling in potty training early on and then thought about really pursuing it a few times about a year ago but it was intense and hard and she was leaving puddles all over the house and she just seemed too little so we decided to put potty training on hold. And then Wells was born and we had enough going on plus diapers are just easier.


pray for paris

I generally stay away from politics and current events on the blog and in general, but I've been thinking a lot about Paris since the news broke last night. We are all shaken, outraged, heartbroken by the attacks. The fear that must have gripped the people who were wounded or killed is hard to imagine. I think of the people who were going about their evening, looking forward to a dinner out, enjoying time with family or friends, and it feels unbelievable that their nights, their lives could have ended that way. 

People have fought for causes for centuries and people will continue to fight for what they believe in for centuries to come. I believe that people fight for causes because they believe that it will make the world a better place but when your actions in support of that cause harm innocent people, when they disregard humanity, what are you fighting for? For whom are you fighting? You have ceased to fight for your cause and begun to fight for power, to instill fear, for domination, for yourself. Your cause is lost in the terror and that cannot stand. 

In the end I have to believe that love will win. That good will rise. Pray for Paris. Pray for the places where fear has reigned and will again. Pray that love will become the definitive answer, the rule of the earth.

Image via Instagram @hudsonandruthie.


summoned by name

On Sunday, we celebrated Wells' baptism. We formally welcomed him into the body of Christ amongst family members and in front of our congregation.

It was a special morning as we committed to raising Wells in the Christian faith and our family and church family committed to supporting us in doing so.

Elia even joined us in church for his baptism, which was an adventure that went more smoothly than I expected. What a joy it was to share in his baptism as a family.


wells: month five

Since last month Wells has continued to charm us with his relatively easygoing personality.

He's been trying new foods: sweet potatoes, green beans, apple sauce, mango, prunes, strawberries and even a touch of peanut butter that one time.

spooky fun

I decided a while back that I wanted to make a big deal out of holidays for my kids. It's fun to do and holiday themes are a nice way to pepper the day to day with something to get excited about. Elia couldn't have been more excited about Halloween and Wells just thought it had something to do with playing peekaBOO all day long so he was pleased.

Our parents came over to go to a trunk or treat with us then hang out while we passed out candy to trick-or-treaters. Elia was so pumped about her party and practiced trick-or-treating for a week ahead of it. She kept asking when the trick-or-treaters were going to come to her house. Soon enough, Guapa, soon enough.