pray for paris

I generally stay away from politics and current events on the blog and in general, but I've been thinking a lot about Paris since the news broke last night. We are all shaken, outraged, heartbroken by the attacks. The fear that must have gripped the people who were wounded or killed is hard to imagine. I think of the people who were going about their evening, looking forward to a dinner out, enjoying time with family or friends, and it feels unbelievable that their nights, their lives could have ended that way. 

People have fought for causes for centuries and people will continue to fight for what they believe in for centuries to come. I believe that people fight for causes because they believe that it will make the world a better place but when your actions in support of that cause harm innocent people, when they disregard humanity, what are you fighting for? For whom are you fighting? You have ceased to fight for your cause and begun to fight for power, to instill fear, for domination, for yourself. Your cause is lost in the terror and that cannot stand. 

In the end I have to believe that love will win. That good will rise. Pray for Paris. Pray for the places where fear has reigned and will again. Pray that love will become the definitive answer, the rule of the earth.

Image via Instagram @hudsonandruthie.

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