five months

Five months and five days ago, Elia graced us with her presence. Since then she's been filling our lives with joy.


This month Elia loves her hands and feet. She got sick for the first time. She took her first airplane ride. We spent a weekend on Mackinac Island so along with that came her first carriage ride and visit to the Grand Hotel. We could list thing after thing - what an amazing thing it is to have something new happen to you almost every day.

The above picture is a pretty accurate representation of Elia right now, always in motion, discovering her world. Soon she'll be mobile, not just moving; we should start baby-proofing the house now.

If you've been anywhere near Grand Rapids lately you know that we are in the midst of the fifth year of ArtPrize. Todd and I love how ArtPrize livens up downtown each fall and in honor of one of our favorite times of year, Elia went artiste for her monthly photo.

Happy five months, Elia! We love you so.