egn: third birthday

We officially have a three year old.

I keep hearing myself say that I can't believe that Elia is three but, honestly, I can. Two was hard to believe but three, I saw coming. Honestly speaking, this year has seemed long. Not too long, exactly, but so much has happened in the last year. We've felt really tested and challenged as we navigate the growing pains of life as a family of four, all while Elia navigated becoming a sister, sharing her parents' previously undivided attention, plus all of the normal wonderfulness that comes along with toddlerhood. I've been looking forward to the promise of three, like our very own little happy new year.



I retook Wells' official ten-month picture over the weekend.

Buster Brown at least stayed in one spot for more than a microsecond this time. It might have even been a full second.

This kid is B-U-S-Y. He hardly stays still for even a diaper change any more. Except when I shove a bottle in his mouth for the duration - that always works. He also sprouted his third tooth last Wednesday. It's coming in slowly but surely. Busy boy, so much growing being done.

Have a happy Thursday, everyone!


wells: month ten

On Sunday we celebrated ten months since Wells was born.

This month he:

1. Eats like a monster. He'll gobble down anything you put in front of him as quickly as you can set it down.

2. Won't sit still for his monthly photos. (I think we'll try again another day.)