egn: third birthday

We officially have a three year old.

I keep hearing myself say that I can't believe that Elia is three but, honestly, I can. Two was hard to believe but three, I saw coming. Honestly speaking, this year has seemed long. Not too long, exactly, but so much has happened in the last year. We've felt really tested and challenged as we navigate the growing pains of life as a family of four, all while Elia navigated becoming a sister, sharing her parents' previously undivided attention, plus all of the normal wonderfulness that comes along with toddlerhood. I've been looking forward to the promise of three, like our very own little happy new year.

Elia's birthday was on Sunday and let me tell you, her birthday was the best day. Elia was so excited about turning three and enjoyed every single second of the day.

We let her help plan her big day.
She chose the guest list for her birthday party: "All of my grandmas and all of my grandpas."
The menu: "Funfetti pancakes and salchicha and I want strawberries, piña, and sandía. And for dinner I want grilled cheese with sausage on top. Long ones not the round ones."
The activities for the day: "I want to go to church, Daddy and Mommy and Wellsy and me!" 
As well as the design for her cake: "With strawberries on top, right?"

Of course, we had to sprinkle her day with a few surprises. She woke up to streamers hanging from her door, her first birthday greeting, closely followed by her biggest fan, Wells.

She then happily opened her gifts from us and her cousins and tested them all throughout the morning before church.

After church, it was party time.

We ate funfetti pancakes and sausage and fruit salad, just like Elia had been hoping. After lunch, her grandparents showered her with lovely gifts and then, since it was the most beautiful day out, we headed outside so Elia could show off the new bike she got from us.

It's a balance bike and she took to it pretty well. No falls yet! (Knock on wood.) I can't wait to see her zooming down the sidewalk this summer.

After playing outside for a bit, we headed inside for cake.

By the time she finished her cake, she was tuckered out and said goodbye to her grandparents and went down for a nap.

Her Grandpa Craig was en route home from a work trip so missed the party but was able to stop over after her nap. We all played outside some more and Elia served Grandpa cake and then we all headed out on a family walk.

After he left, we had a quick dinner before going to a park that Elia had been looking forward to visiting since spotting it on Saturday. She was so brave and went down all of the tallest slides over and over.

It was the best day and such a happy kick off to her year as a three year old.

Our Elia is joyful and capable and can be stubborn and there are times when I forget that she is so young because she just knows so much. She is funny and sweet and my heart bursts with pride when I see her navigating her world. She is my favorite girl in todo el mundo and I just love her so. Happy birthday, Miss Elia Grey. Three looks so lovely on you.

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