girls weekend: chicago

Two of my favorite people in the world have birthdays just six days apart from each other. To my delight, they are also two of each other's favorite people so when I found out my sister was going to be in Chicago, a mere two and a half hours away on her birthday, we quickly decided that the best way to celebrate both her birthday and Elia's would be to spend a long weekend together in Chicago. Our mom was available to join too making it a perfect girls weekend.

We left early Friday morning and Elia was such a great road tripper. As soon as we could see Chicago, she was so excited and kept pointing to buildings and saying, "Is that Chicago?" So sweet.

And now...in lieu of all of the words that I could offer you, I give you all of the pictures. (And just a few words peppered in to explain.)


wells: month eleven

Our Wellsy turned eleven months a week ago - that means he only has one more month to go before he's a year. Wow!

He is so active. I swear, I keep saying that but his level of activity is just so intense and constant. It's to the point that we have to literally pin him down just to change his diaper. And that usually doesn't work out well for us.