wells: month eleven

Our Wellsy turned eleven months a week ago - that means he only has one more month to go before he's a year. Wow!

He is so active. I swear, I keep saying that but his level of activity is just so intense and constant. It's to the point that we have to literally pin him down just to change his diaper. And that usually doesn't work out well for us.

I'm considering retaking his monthly photo for the second month running because I had to call in assistance to entertain him while I snapped away and try to keep him in one spot and Todd's feet got in the best photo and are uncroppable. He's busy, guys. Mover and shaker, I tell you.

Between months ten and eleven, Wells' tooth count increased from 2 to 4 (and he cut two more in the last few days). He's working on cruising around anything at all he can pull up on and we're fairly convinced that it might be a matter of days, not weeks, until he's walking.

He continues to light up our days with his sweet, easy going nature and I intend to keep soaking my baby in over the next month before he turns one and toddlerhood really begins. 

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