wells: month ten

On Sunday we celebrated ten months since Wells was born.

This month he:

1. Eats like a monster. He'll gobble down anything you put in front of him as quickly as you can set it down.

2. Won't sit still for his monthly photos. (I think we'll try again another day.)

3. Seems to be enjoying the spurts of warm weather we've had.

4. Loves to point to touch his head. He also loves holding onto tubes of diaper cream, teething gel, or sunscreen. Odd little duck.

5. Took Easter pretty seriously.

6. Continues to drool. All. The. Time.

7. Pulls up on EVERYTHING.

8. Has grown a ton. Think four pounds in one month. Monster.

9. Is starting to cruise.

10. Is still sweet as pie.

Cheers to ten months, Wells! We love you.

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