a joke from elia

Last week, Todd and the kids were having breakfast while I got ready for work. Wells was covered with at least half of his breakfast and Elia blessed or morning with this little joke tha we found legitimately funny.

Elia: Good morning, Cheerio!

Todd: Good Morning, Wellsy-O!

Elia: He's not Wellsy-O, he's sucio!

Okay, I realize this is going to take a little explanation. I speak Spanish with the kids and sucio means dirty in Spanish. Get it? He's not Wellsy-O, he's dirty. 

You have to admit that's pretty clever, a sweet little bilingual joke. Cue pride swelling in Mom's heart.

I am on a plane to Phoenix right now for some much anticipated r & r with my sister. It's going to be a quick trip but I am so excited to spend some quality one on one time wandering and exploring the southwest with her.

I'll share plenty of pics from our trip on Instagram this weekend, feel free to follow our southwest adventure @griggsandwoodward.

Hasta luego!

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