one in diapers

Big things are happening here, people. Really big things. Well, I might be overstating that. One big thing is happening here. Our number one girl is....

(drum roll please)

Potty trained!

Yup. We think it's a really big deal.

We started dabbling in potty training early on and then thought about really pursuing it a few times about a year ago but it was intense and hard and she was leaving puddles all over the house and she just seemed too little so we decided to put potty training on hold. And then Wells was born and we had enough going on plus diapers are just easier.

But then, when I went back to work, she switched schools and all of the kids in her new classroom are a bit older and they have them try to use the toilet throughout the day. That, combined with a Skittle every time she goes, did the trick. So thank you, peer pressure! Elia is awesome at using the potty and we have you to thank for it.

In all seriousness, it feels like a big win to have only one kid in diapers. We're proud of our little lady.

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