egn: first birthday

Last year, at this time, Todd and I were awaiting the arrival of our baby girl. At 10:49 PM on this day, Ms. Elia Grey came into our lives. From that moment on, she has brought us so much joy, and my heart is so full as I reflect back on the moments following her birth.

Since that day, I have learned what it means to love with abandon. I am learning more patience by the day. I am learning what it means to be the kind of mother I want to be. This little, bitty person keeps teaching me so much about myself - my weaknesses and my strengths.

What a remarkable year. 

Watching Elia grow, watching her learn, watching her take life in, I couldn't imagine anything better than being the mother of this precious bambino.

To all of our loved ones who have helped us get the hang of this in some way during this first year, thank you. We are endlessly grateful for all of you exceptional human beings.

Smiling, curious, joyful little lover girl, Happy Birthday.  I couldn't possibly love you any more than I do.

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