Thanksgiving week is a favorite of mine for many reasons, most of them quite typical: time spent with family, delicious food, time off from work, the beginning of the holiday season.  I just love it.  This year feels even more special.  We are so blessed to have moved into our first house this year, have a six-month old niece who we love to pieces, have great jobs that we both enjoy, and of course to have our own little one on the way.  Yes, life is good and keeps getting better. 

Thankful for...

Thanksgiving feasting.
A turkey that turned out deliciously.

Time with family near.

Time with family far. (We missed you, Drew!)

Hand-me-down maternity clothes.

That fit this belly as it grows.

Impromptu family photo shoots.

A sweet flying baby niece.
This guy and our cute Christmas tree.

Thankful, indeed.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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