two months

Today Elia is two months old.

In the last month we've seen her grow so much.  She smiles at us and can hold onto things, her neck is getting stronger and she holds her head up pretty well, she's lost the floppiness of her first weeks on earth.  She's also becoming more predictable as the days go by, sleeping in patterns.

She has also had lots of firsts - some more momentous than others.

First baseball game
First vacation
First international adventure
First pool party
First Father's Day
First boat ride
First smile
First night away from home
And more...

When you're so new, life is filled with firsts but we still enjoy celebrating each one.  I doubt life will ever seem this novel again and we're soaking it up.

Happy two month, Bug.  We love you!

 To see how much Elia has grown, you can see her one-month pictures here.

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