apple of my eye

After a September that ended more summery than it began, fall has descending upon West Michigan. I think many people count fall as their favorite season and you can find the Neckers family on that list. 

On Friday night, Elia kicked off our weekend of fall fun by biting my finger with her very first tiny tooth while we were at happy hour. Pictures forthcoming - in theory, it's very cute that she has a tooth but her tooth is just budding and every photo I've attempted to take of it has shown only drool and lips, charming only to her mother, I'm sure.

We spent Saturday morning at Robinette's, an autumn staple. Following the obligatory hayride, which Elia slept through, and a delicious doughnut and cider combo, we took E out to the orchard to see the apples up close.

She liked the apples to much that she picked one. Applesauce is her favorite food so we should've known. 

That afternoon, we were playing outside when Elia decided to really overachieve. I moved my hand from her back for a few seconds and the next thing I knew, five minutes of unsupported sitting had gone by.  

Her first tooth and sitting up within twenty-four hours! She is growing up so fast and we're so proud of her.

Happy fall!

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