leaf piles

The leaves in our neighborhood are starting to turn and fall and today E decided to take advantage of the leaf piles on our evening walk.

I think she may have started to pick up on this trick from the kids who were jumping in leaf piles at school. The thrill of the leaves falling around her head for the first time, that is sheer delight.

Watching her explore her world is the most wonderful, eye-opening experience. Having a toddler challenges you to see the world for a fresh perspective.

It slows you down. Literally. Yesterday's walk around the block took nearly an hour.

That is what happens when you are noticing sticks and leaves and want to acknowledge every dog that passes through your sight line, when so many things are extraordinary or surprising.

Life with a toddler is slower but it is so good.

If you get a chance, play in a leaf pile this fall - it's pretty fun, you can take Elia's word for it.

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