nine months

We are speeding through Elia's first year and she is now nine months old.

She continues to be a darling, happy girl.

She is still working on crawling forwards but it's darn cute to see her "crawl" in circles and backwards.

Buttons, snaps, any visible hardware like bolts, nail heads, anything like that), and stud earrings could keep her occupied for hours.  She finds them everywhere from my jacket to the top of our ottoman and pokes and picks at them until she's torn away for one reason or another.

Standing continues to be her favorite thing to do and once she gets crawling down, we think walking will be just around the corner.

She cut her third tooth today, a top tooth.  She'll be looking like such a grown up when its partner comes in.

Sweet girl, you have grown so much in the last nine months.  As always, we love you so.  Sweetie.