resolutions and a recap

It's hard to believe that almost three weeks have past since Christmas.  Elia's first Christmas was a wonderful one, filled with quality time spent together as a family and lots of joy.

Elia made a few resolutions for 2014.  Here is her list:

1. Learn to crawl forward.  (She's got backwards down.)
2. Go swimming.
3. Say "mama".
4. Stand up on her own.
5. Learn to walk.
6. Eat more solid foods.
7. Have a birthday party.

She's already making progress towards a few of her goal.  Today was her first swim lesson.  She absolutely loved it and is quite the water baby.  Goal #2, complete!

She also decided to work on #4 today.

She'll be standing on her own in no time.  And the, watch out world - walking will be just around the corner, it seems.

I hope everyone's New Year is beginning with all good things.  Cheers!

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