basement update: part one

Since we've moved in, our basement has been one of my least favorite parts of the house.  It's cold, it has weird carpet, and it's dark.  Since about five minutes after moving in, we've been talking about painting the basement white to make it brighter and more welcoming.

Here are the "before" shots of our basement.  They were actually taken before we lived here but we inherited a bunch of the previous owners' furniture and so it was in a very similar state until a week ago.

Two and a half years later, I present to you...our newly painted white basement!

Pardon the crappy iPhone pictures and clutter, I'm too excited to retake them with a real camera.

My dad spent the better part of the weekend paint the walls and ceiling of our basement and I couldn't be more grateful.  There are still things we'd like to update in the basement, like adding some color and replacing that weird carpet and the cheap vinyl floors, but I think that the painting is the highest impact element of the basement update and it has made such a huge difference already.

Elia has really been enjoying her updated place space and I've spent more time in our basement in the last week than I had in the last six months combined.

We are so excited that we will be able to use this space throughout the winter and add I can't wait to add in more personal touches.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. That is an amazing transformation on your basement. Excellent change in the light. There are a few other tips you could still install to make it even warmer and inviting as a room in your house rather than dank dingy basement. Since you do have some natural light from the windows, try adding a few mirrors maybe? That'll brighten up things for sure.

    Gregg Hogan @ American Basement Solutions