zipping down the sledding hill

On Sunday, Todd tried to convince me to layer on multiple pairs of pants and socks and put on my winter boots so we could go on a family sledding adventure.  After he promised me hot chocolate afterwards, I obliged.

We headed out to a nearby elementary school that has a perfect hill for pint-sized kiddos.

Seeing Elia's face as she zipped down the hill was worth the bundling.

Our brave girl even went down the hill by herself.  (This was her father's idea.)

And I even did a run with her. Turns out I'm not photogenic when I sled so this is all the documentation of that we'll be sharing.

Elia has always loved the wind in her face and since she didn't seem to mind the cold, I'm sure that this won't be our last sledding adventure this winter.

How are you keeping your kids busy and active this winter?

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