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The day has come. Elia's baby mullet was in need of some real attention so yesterday, she went for her very first haircut.

I was nervous that she wouldn't sit still long enough to get a full haircut and we'd leave the salon with something worse than we'd come in with so we opted for a children's salon. 

E did so well that I'm not sure that was necessary but the stylist did a good job and did it quickly. She loved the experience and when she was done she kept showing off her new look by smiling at the mirror while doing this little shoulder shrug move. It was the sweetest thing!

Her final look is pretty similar to her "before" look but is keeping her bangs out of her eyes, a huge improvement.

The salon was conveniently located next to my favorite frozen yogurt spot so we extended our girls' day with a stop there. Elia does not like frozen yogurt or anything sweet so I just got her a dollop of tart yogurt with tons of fruit on top. 

She actually tried a few bites of the yogurt this time but then starting rejecting any fruit that had touched the yogurt, which was all of it. 

Oh well. Sitting in the window swing was fun anyway.

She is getting to be such a big girl! It's so fun to watch her try new things. 

Now, I think I hear someone stirring from her nap so, until next time!

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