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As a working mom, I am constantly thinking of ways to be more organized both at home and at the office. There are tons of beautiful products out there for getting you life more organized.


The Day Designer. This gorgeous planner is meant to help you keep you on track for both your day-to-day activities and help you thinking strategically about your year in full.  I love the look but it will set you back $60.00.  Though, if you want to try it before you buy it, you can by downloading a sample page on the website.

The Passion Planner is another great tool that helps organize both your personal and work life. A free download is also available for this planner on their website.

Target also had a great variety of day planners this year and I picked one of those up with great intentions. Honestly, over the last few years, I've tried all sorts of different methods for list making, task prioritization, and day planning but none of them has been so good that they've stuck for very long.

Enter Emily Ley.

Emily Ley offers a variety of products from her Simplified Planners to notebooks to children's growth charts.

My very favorite thing she offers is her Printable Library. I started using her Simplified Day PDF a few months ago and it has stuck like glue.

Every morning when I get into the office, I use this sheet to start a list of to-dos and then look back at my sheet from the previous day to see what's been completed and if anything needs to be moved forward. After meetings, I use the same sheet to gather to-dos. It sounds simple because it is. And the simplicity has made it functional for me. I know that everything I need to do will be captured there so tasks don't get lost.

Since I started using them, several co-workers have noticed and adopted their use as well. That's always a good sign that something really works.

The sheet I use is no longer available on the website but an updated version is that includes a space for dinner planning. Another instance of incorporating both work and home life in one place. For your copy of the Daily Planner sheet visit Emily Ley's printable library and download a copy.

Her free printable library offers dozens of printables for everything from to-do lists to baby milestone tracking to blog planners and everything in between.

If you're interested in the full Simplified Planner experience, they are currently sold out but a new edition will be offered in May.  For all of the details, click here.

If you like feeling on top of things, I highly recommend that you check out everything that Emily Ley has to offer. Happy organizing!

What are your favorite methods or tools for organizing your life, at work or at home?

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