egg dyeing

I recently declared that I wanted to start making a big deal out of holidays and Easter seemed like a good one to start with. Dyeing Easter eggs seemed like a must so Elia and I got to work on that today.

She loved watching the color tablets fizz while we waited for our eggs to boil.

By the way, did anyone else know how complicated it is to boil a perfect egg? It's not rocket science but there is more of a method to it than I realized.

Because egg boiling is not only more complicated than I thought but also takes longer than I thought it did, we took a break from our egg prep to enjoy some bunny mac and cheese while the eggs boiled. (Don't worry, she scarfed down her veggies and fruit while I was making her bunny mac.)

Side note: Annie's must make a killing on their bunny-shaped macaroni and cheese and grahams around Easter. I know I bought the grahams to fill Elia's Easter eggs with and couldn't have been the only mom at Target doing so.

After our thematic lunch break, the eggs were ready to dye. We only did half a dozen eggs since I'm not totally sure what you do with the eggs once they're dyed but six eggs still left plenty of room for dyeing fun.

Elia picked which color each egg would be and couldn't wait to see them come out of their dye cups.

Didn't she pick beautiful colors?

Since before Elia was born I've been looking forward to doing all of the things that shape my childhood memories with her. Now that she's almost two, she's at the perfect age to start trying fun activities like this. I love watching her as she absorbs what we're doing and listening to her talk about it later on in the day.

Tomorrow we continue the Easter fun with a community Easter egg hunt and I just can't wait to see her scurry around looking for eggs.

How are you celebrating this Easter weekend?

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