memorial day weekend

We spent this Memorial Day weekend as we've spent the past several years, at my in-laws' lake house, ringing in the official start of summer. We have been blessed with great weather this May and were excited to kick back at the lake before baby two comes along to shake things up.

I've been trying to spend time doing special things with Elia over the last few weeks since my attention will be divided soon so we went up to Rockford after I worked for a few hours on Frida morning and shopped, checked out the dam and river, played in the park, and then enjoyed lunch outside together. I swear, she's the best lunch date and, if not always the most patient or well-behaved, certainly the cutest. I'd take her to lunch every day if it were an option.

We spent the rest of the day napping, playing in the sand, and then I headed out for my sprinkle.

Saturday marked our first trip of the season to the farmer's market, something I always enjoy. Though the selection at Michigan farmer's markets are limited in the early season, there's still plenty to see and buy. We settled on asparagus, cinnamon bread, and fresh flowers.

After naps (for both Elia and I), we spent the afternoon and evening boating and enjoying the beautiful day with friends who were visiting us at the lake.

On Sunday we spent a leisurely morning on a walk and then decided to give the paddleboard its first spin on the lake. Elia loved riding along with her dad.

More friends came to visit before lunch and Elia had a great timing playing with her friend on the beach. I wish I had taken pictures of the girls holding hands as they walked down the dock together but alas, some sweet moments are just meant to be experienced, not documented.

We headed home before lunch today to regroup after so many days away and get ready for a busy week. Afternoon rainstorms also set the stage for some great naps again. Summer is definitely here and we are so ready for it. Happy Memorial Day to all!

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