wells: month one

Last week, Wells finished his first month here on Earth. In that time we've been getting used to life as a family of four and getting to know our sweet new little nugget. We've been able to introduce him to lots of family members and friends and even get out for a good numbers of outings. Even though we've been through this before, it's hard to believe how quickly Wells is growing and changing. Below are some highlights from his first month.

Likes: Being held (especially by Mom). Stroller rides. Sleeping. Eating.
Dislikes: Diaper changes.
Hates: Bathtime.
Nicknames: Buddy, Bud, Wellsy Bellsy, Bells, Nugget, Sugar/Sug, Little Monster

Month 1 Milestones: 
Cord fell out on day 5 (!).
Reached birthweight at about 6 days.
Met all aunts and uncles who came to visit from Seattle, Portland, and Denver.
Celebrated his first national holiday. (More on our Fourth of July celebrations later.)

Other Notables:
Startles easily.
Big sister likes to give him eskimo kisses before she goes to bed.
Has powerful lungs.
He was born with a strong neck, holding that head up so high!

We love you little guy!

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