finds: september

This type of post is a little different for the blog but I love discovering and trying new products and services and these three have all really struck a chord with me lately so I wanted to share them with all of you. Let me know what you think!

1. cuddle + kind

I am a huge fan of knit dolls. They are soft, they are sweet, and there is just something so adorable about them. They also tend to come with a big price tag. These aren't cheap either but they come with something that other knit dolls don't - ten meals for kids with each purchase. 10! That's amazing. The company's goal is to feed one million children per year after they launch later this week and that is something I can get behind. The dolls are handcrafted by Peruvian artisans, which helps create economic opportunity as well.

If all of the above doesn't convince you to purchase a doll (pre-sales start on September 16), consider following cuddle + kind on InstagramFacebook, or Pinterest. Each follow equals one meal for a child - no purchase necessary! I just think this is such a great mission and company.

2. Kidizen

I don't have much patience for bargain hunting or resale shops - there's no guarantee that you'll find anything worth buying and with two babes, I just don't have the time of energy for that. I'd much rather pay full price at Baby Gap than spend time rummaging around a discount bin hoping to find something cute at the bottom.

And then came Kidizen. Kidizen is an app that lets you buy and sell used children's clothing. The interface is really user friendly and attractive which goes a long way in my book. I've found a few real gems and love that I can search for items whenever I have a few minutes free. All of the items I've purchased so far have been in great shape and it's just perfect for picking up some extra things when your babies are growing so fast. Some sellers offer gear and maternity clothes as well. The app is available for both iPhone and Android. Download it now and get shopping!

3. Mommy Mailbox

I started noticing a few Mommy Mailboxes popping up on social media while I was on maternity leave and when I saw what was in the August box, I started wishing that I had signed up for this monthly subscription service. Thankfully, they had a few extra boxes left so I was able to order one at a discounted rate - double score. Each month, a blogger curates a selection of products that are aimed to "uplift and reward mothers". Who doesn't need a little more of that in their lives? Honestly, it's not just mothers who would love these boxes, they would be great for any lady interested in receiving a fun surprise in the mail every month.

Photos of my August and September boxes are below. Subscriptions start at $30.95 and arrive in your mailbox the first week of the month. I can't wait to see what comes to my door in October!

I hope you've enjoyed hearing about some of my favorite recent finds.

Are you interested in trying any of these? If you do, let me know how you like them!
Have you found any great new products or services lately? I'd love to hear what they are.

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