wells: month three

That handsome guy? That's Wells. Our three-month old. 3 months! How is that possible? I know, everyone is always saying that about babies but time really does fly when your babies are growing up. I've probably already said that too, blame it on mommy brain. The struggle is real.

The past month has been so fun. Wells is such a smiley, sweet boy these days. And he's strong, as you'll notice in the photo below.

Since I returned to work last week, Wells is now splitting his time between daycare and his grandma's house doing just fine. You'd hardly know that he wouldn't let me put him down for days straight just six weeks ago.

Likes: Lights. Sitting in the highchair. Talking to people and being talked to. Being sung to.
Dislikes: Being alone. 
Nicknames: Bud, Bear, Wellsy Bellsy, Guapo

Month 2 Milestones: 
Started daycare and grandma care.
Sleeps through the night like a rockstar.
Coos all day long.

Other Notables:
Wears size 0-3 month clothes.
Is a thumb sucker!
We think he looks just like Dad - it's the eyes.

We love you, Guapo.

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