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I have Fridays off and last week Friday, Todd and I had made plans to meet for lunch and take the kids to visit ArtPrize. Wells had his four month checkup that day so we moseyed downtown afterwards and since we were running late, decided to just meet Todd at his office for lunch. He had lunch waiting for us in a conference room and to my complete surprise, my sister was waiting there, a bouquet of confetti-filled balloons in hand, when I opened the door.

My sweet sister flew in, all the way from Seattle, to help me celebrate my upcoming thirtieth. (Still upcoming...I'm squarely in my twenties, I swear.) The arrival of my sister was gift enough but she also made arrangements for a delicious dinner at Reserve with our parents and brought sweet and thoughtful birthday gifts.

And to top it off, she had the most beautiful cake made for dessert, a replica of a picture of a cake I sent her months ago.

(The cake my cake was based on. A great likeness, no?)
And that is the kind of person my sister is, genuinely thoughtful and generous.

We spent time together the following day sharing meals and spending time poking around some of our favorites places in the city with the whole family before she had to return to Seattle. And it was just the best way to celebrate the end of my thirties.

As a wise, almost thirty year-old, I have learned a few things and I want to share my best piece of advice with you. It is simply that you should get a sister (a sister-like figure would do). Not a sister like me, who is sometimes distracted and forgets things that are important because life feels like it's moving so quickly. Get a sister like my sister. One who is thoughtful and generous. One who pays attention to little things you say you like and even remembers them months later. One who you can talk to about literally everything and nothing. The person who reminds you that you are known and encourages you but also reminds you when you can do better and loves you through it. 

Thank you, sister, for a wonderful birthday surprise, I am so lucky to have a sister like you.

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