camp wells (wells is one!)

It's been just over a week since Wells turned one, and a week since we celebrated his first year. We invited friends and family to join us at Camp Wells - his camping themed birthday party. We hosted at my in-laws' lake house, the perfect spot to let a gaggle of kids, ages 6 and under, run wild.

Staying true to the camp vibe of the party, we had a make your own trail mix bar, where guests could mix up a trail mix concoction to suit their tastes as they enjoyed lawn games. We also set up a miniature campground with a teepee and sweet little pup tents that Todd built for the occasion, circled up around our fire pit.

It wasn't long after our guests arrived that we had a lake full of little swimmers and they were just having the best time swimming and jumping off of the dock.

We spotted a few rain clouds rolling our way so we sang a quick "Happy Birthday" to Wells and then jumped into his cake smash. He got frosting on his foot on his way down to the ground and didn't quite know what to make of that so kept sticking his right foot out to the side. It was so funny and adorable, he just didn't know what to do with that foot.


Shockingly, our child who will eat and eat and eat just wasn't that interested in his cupcake. I really expected him to gobble the whole thing up! It was for the best though because about two minutes into the cake smash, rain started to fall. Thankfully, we have wonderfully helpful friends so moving everything in took almost no time at all. We played inside, opened gifts, and ate while we waited for the skies to clear. 

They did eventually and we spent more time outside and even squeezed a boat ride in at the end of the party.

Despite the rain, we had the best time and Wells seemed to enjoy his party and all of the birthday attention.

On a sentimental note, we are so grateful to everyone who helped us celebrate his big day. We are also immeasurably grateful to each person who helped us get through Wells' first year. Having two kids has been such an adjustment and we literally could not have done it without all of the support we've received from so many people in so many forms. From watching our kids to giving advice to sharing encouraging words to holding Wells or playing with Elia or being an extra set of hands so we could get things done or just take a breath. We are in the thick of it and find ourselves often being carried away by the daily trials of parenting, often less gracefully than we'd prefer. We aren't always good at reciprocating the blessings you've poured down on our family and we aren't always great at showing our gratitude but I grow more grateful every day for the ways that people continue to show up for us so thank you, thank you. 

With that, I'll conclude and wish Wells one last happy first birthday. Baby boy, you are so loved and such a joy. We are loving the first days of your second year and can't wait to see what else you'll show us this year.

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