summer summary

Just checking in after months away from the blog. Needless to say, this summer has been full, busy, and oh so fun.

Some highlights...

Elia started attending what will be her school through fifth grade at their summer day camp and those twelve weeks flew by. She has two weeks off then officially starts preschool.

The kids did some major bonding with their cousins who visited in July for two weeks this year. It's so much fun watching those little people grow up together.

Todd and I spent eight (8!) kid-less days together in the Pacific Northwest. The highlights were many but the absolute best part was meeting our sweet new nephew Oliver before my brother's family moved to Cairo.

We also enjoyed great food, beautiful scenery, the coastline, spending time with my siblings, and each other.

After our Pacific adventure, the kids and I got to spend time with another sweet new baby in the family, Dylan Dill Pickle and my East coast cousins and fam.

Todd's best friend got married to his longtime love. Such a happy occasion.

We've spent hours and hours at the lake.

This summer has been so full.

Tomorrow morning, we're waking up early to head to my favorite place on earth. Every year when we go to Mackinac Island, I take tons of pictures because I'm sure I'll blog about it. How could I not? It's my favorite! But every year, I want it to be perfect because I love being there so much and never get around to it. But maybe this year will be the year...

Enjoy the last weeks of summer; there's still plenty of time to squeeze more trips to the beach and ice cream cones in so get to it!

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