halloween at hess

Today was the most beautiful Michigan fall day. The weather was gorgeous and the sun was shining and it was just perfect.

After church we took Wells for his first haircut. We had very mixed emotions about this as we had grown to love his sweet, curly little mullet. We knew that cut would mean a farewell to his baby curls and we weren't entirely ready but, alas, it was time. Please enjoy the photos below, documenting Wells' before and during experience. They show the mullet in full force and his very not mixed emotions during the haircut.

Thankfully, he survived and was happy enough to be out of there. Or maybe just proud of his new haircut? We think he looks pretty handsome.

After the cut we had lunch then headed up to my parents' new lake house for the main event of the day: a pre-Halloween celebration. If you know Elia well, you know that she absolutely adores parties so she was very much looking forward to this afternoon.

The party was as fun as she dreamed with pumpkin carving and decorating.


And plenty of time spent outdoors thanks to the perfect fall weather.

It was such a fun day. As an added bonus, the kids were so worn out that they both fell asleep on the way home. 7:00 PM bedtimes on a Sunday night feel like the start to a great week to me.

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