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Here in Michigan, our winters can stretch for months, sometimes from November to March, sometimes even into April. We've had a fairly mild winter so far, including a glorious 60 degree day last weekend but it's very possible that that day was the last time we'll get out of the 30's for the next month.

Our weather doesn't allow for regular or predictable outdoor play and, let's admit it, I'm not super enthusiastic about playing in the snow. Or being cold. This means I've been spending time on Pinterest lately looking for indoor play ideas and trying them out with the kids.

We've been having so much fun trying these new activities out and I'll be sharing them all here on the blog over the next week or so. I hope they inspire you and your family to play in new ways this winter.

First up... Sticker Tracing!

This idea comes via the blog Busy Toddler. I follow @busytoddler on Instagram and her feed is an easy way to find great inspiration, check it out!

So Susie from Busy Toddler calls this activity Sticker Line-Up. I call it Sticker Tracing but really, it's just good, clean (literally - no mess), fun so who cares what you call it.

Basically, you get some white paper, use a Sharpie to draw a line, letter, or shape, and let your kids cover your line with stickers. It is just that easy.

I tried this out with Elia one day while Wells was napping and it was an instant hit. She loves stickers and is learning all of her letters so I made her one squiggle and one letter "A" to work on.

She got to work right away and was occupied for quite a while. And the best part was that when Wells woke up, he willingly joined in the fun.

This is the most simple, low mess indoor activity for little ones. Let me know if you try it for yourself.

I have a few more indoor play ideas coming in the series so stay tuned. Until then, if you have tried and true indoor activities to share, I'd love to hear about them in the comments.

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