celebration central

Has it already been over a week since I posted?  Goodness, gracious we have a lot to catch up on. The past week or so has been chock-full of celebration.

We spent more time last weekend with Uncle Joel, Aunt Kim, and Maddie.  Then, on May 7, we celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary.  While Todd and I went out for dinner, Elia stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa Lautenbach babysitting.  Before we left, we got a family photo in the same spot Todd and I took one just over a year ago when we bought our house.

A lot changes in a year, doesn't it?

The next day we went to Tulip Time.  It was the first time for both Elia and I.  After the parade Todd played tour guide at Hope College and we spent some time wandering the campus and the surrounding neighborhoods.  It was fun to see the places where he spent so much time and made such good friends and memories in college.

On Thursday night, Elia went to her first museum opening.  It was nice to pop in at work and see introduce my co-workers to E.

Our very talented daughter brought me breakfast in bed on Saturday morning.  She made me pancakes in honor of Mother's Day and she and Todd both gave me thoughtful, heartfelt cards.  Though I'm new at this, being a mom really is amazing - it's the best thing.

We had some friends visit on Saturday afternoon and then we celebrated Mother's Day with a brunch with both sets of grandparents on Sunday.  

What a week! It really has been celebration central over here for the past few weeks.  We are so thankful to have so much to celebrate in the last month.  It's an incredible feeling to be parents and to be blessed with a happy marriage and so many people supporting us and loving our daughter is extraordinary.

Visitors: Grandma and Grandpa Lautenbach + Mary S + Rebecca J + Allison B + Justin and Krista M
Milestones: Elia has a belly button!  Her cord stump fell off Saturday, May 4.

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