friends near and far

We had a big day today!  We spent most of the afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa Neckers house where Elia met her Aunt Kim and cousin, Maddie for the first time and got to see her Uncle Joel again.  They're all in town visiting from Denver and we were so excited for the cousins to meet for the first time.  The girls were largely indifferent about meeting each other.

That's okay though, once Elia can stay awake for more than a few minutes at a time we're sure they'll be best of friends.

Plus it was fun to see Todd and Joel together with their girls.

After we got home, Mom's friends Mary-Catheryn and Beth came to meet Elia along with their kids, Boston and Lahna.  Elia is so excited to have play dates with them (and so is her mom!).

By the way, Boston has the most adorable baby blog around, The Boston News, check it out if you want to be overwhelmed by cuteness.

We're looking forward to more fun with family this weekend!

Visitors: Uncle Joel, Aunt Kim and Madeline + Mary-Catheryn and Boston B + Beth and Lahna Q
Favorite Things: Sleeping, Snuggling
Least Favorite Things: Diaper Changes, Being Hungry 

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