sunny days

Saturday, April 27

Mom began Saturday morning with a quick stop-in at Debbie's baby shower - we can't wait to meet Baby V!  Dad and Elia hung out while Mom was gone and by the time she got home the sun was shining - what a beautiful day!  

In the afternoon, Mom and Dad's friend Elisha came over to watch Elia for a bit while Dad went to the gym and Mom went to run some errands.  After some quality cuddling time, Grandpa L came to drop off a meal and visit for awhile.  Everyone was sitting outside and after Grandpa left, Mom and Dad decided that the only thing to do was to grill out. 

Visitors: Elisha D + Grandpa Lautenbach
Milestone: First Babysitter 

Sunday, April 28

Visitors: Grandma and Grandpa Neckers + Grandma and Grandpa Lautenbach
Dinner Provided By: Grandma and Grandpa Lautenbach

Monday, April 29

Visitors: Great Grandma and Grandpa Lautenbach
Dinner Provided By: Great Grandma and Grandpa Lautenbach

Tuesday, April 30

Elia had her newborn shoot today.  She was so well-behaved!  Mom took a few shots in process but we can't wait to see all of the shots that Allie took and put together her birth announcement.  


Don't worry - the professional shots are much better than Mom's iPhone pics.

Visitors: Shari M
Milestone: Baby's First Photo Shoot - Check out a few preview pictures on Allie Marie Photography's Facebook Page!
Dinner Provided By: Shari M

Wednesday, May 1

Elia is two weeks old today!

This afternoon Great Grandma Lautenbach came over and spent two hours planting flowers from her garden in our garden.  It was so nice of her to not only give us her plants but spend the afternoon getting our garden up to snuff.  She even did our weeding for us!  We are so grateful to her and are looking forward to watching our garden bloom all season long.

After Dad got home from work we went on our first family outing (outside of medical appointments) and enjoyed a happy hour and appetizers for dinner - Mom's favorite thing!  Elia slept the whole time making it a nice relaxing outing all around.

Visitors: Great Grandma Lautenbach
Milestone: Baby's First Happy Hour

Thursday, May 2

We had a nice quiet day at home kicked off with a long walk.  Mom could get used to this!  In the afternoon Aunt Jennifer came to meet Elia since she was finally better after contracting the most poorly timed bout of illness ever.  Her mom, Great Aunt Linda came to meet Elia too - she had so much fun getting acquainted with more family!

Tonight family from Denver arrives - Elia is so excited to meet Aunt Kim, her cousin Maddie, and to see Uncle Joel again tomorrow.  We're so lucky to have so much family, near and far.

Visitors: Great Aunt Linda + Aunt Jennifer
Dinner Provided By: Sarah H

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