wells: month two

Yesterday, Wells hit the two month mark. How is this kiddo already two months old? (I will think that every month for the rest of his life.) Since his last "birthday" he has grown so much. He is awake a lot more often now and he is just the cutest little thing when he's flailing around, taking in the world.

This month began with some sleep and comfort challenges that felt all-consuming at the time. It's hard to imagine that some moms are already back to work by now, I'm having a hard time believing we'll be ready for that in three weeks when I go back. Anyway, I am happy to report that Wells is sleeping much better and that means both Mom and Dad are feeling more like people and less like cranky zombies, which is very good for the entire family - thanks, Wells!

Without further ado, some highlights from the last month:

Likes: Staring at lights. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Being upright. Stroller rides. Car rides. Eating. Being in his Solly Baby Wrap.
Dislikes: Being put down (But this is getting better too!). His Mamaroo.
Nicknames: Buddy, Buddy Bear, Wellsy Bellsy, Wellsy

Month 2 Milestones: 
Smiles at us.
Went on his first vacation to Mackinac Island.
Slept 7 hours just last night - Hallelujah!

Other Notables:
Weighed 11 lbs. 12 oz. at his two-month checkup, up 4 lbs. from his birthweight.
Is discovering his hands. Three cheers for self-soothing, hip hip hooray!
Wears size 0-3 month clothes but still fits in a few newborn items.

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