a day off

Wow - I really started 2016 off with a bang in terms of number of blog posts. After that initial flurry, I took all of last week off, largely because we were back into our routine and that routine can feel busy, busy, busy.

Today I got a break from the busy as our offices were closed in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Let me tell you, this was such a welcome time out.

(For suggestions of meaningful ways to observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, click here.)

I took my time this morning, getting ready, organizing some things around the house, and spent a little time reflecting on some ideas I've been toying with lately over lunch. It has been so long since I've had a genuinely free day and it was so lovely to be able to have the space to think some things through without my lunch break ending or a child waking up.

After lunch, I headed out into the world. First an overdue manicure with a springy color to contrast the grey skies on this below freezing winter day. A quick Buy Buy Baby run followed and then it was time for something fun, a little snack at Le Bon Macaron. If you haven't been there but like adorable cafés and/or macarons, get a visit there penciled into your planner immediately.

Le Bon Macaron is the type of place where I want to just hang out all day. It's also the type of place that makes me wish I drank coffee. Oh well, their chocolat chaud made for  a very rich and delicious alternative. It reminded me of the "chocolate" served with churros in Spain. Riquísimo, err... très délicieux, that is, being that it's a French café.

After enjoying my honey lavender and Marie Antoinette (cake batter) macarons and packing up my champagne flavored macaron to snack on tomorrow, I stopped in at our house to check in with our contractor about the timeline for our kitchen renovation. It is getting so close to finished and I cannot wait to show you all how it turns out.

Finally, I stopped in at Lowe's and bought a new dishwasher that promises to be as quiet as a refrigerator and easily clean peanut butter off knives. Easy choice.

It's amazing how much I can get done with eight hours to myself. Wishing you all a productive week!

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