wells: month seven

Wells is now seven months old, wow. We were away from home on his seven month birthday so I didn't get a chance to take his official monthly photo but I still snapped a few pictures to commemorate the day.

My baby boy is growing up so quickly. He hasn't hit any major milestones in the last month but he is becoming more agile and he's hinting at crawling soon. What an adventure it will be when we have two mobile children at home!

He is also starting to vocalize more, making sounds like "ba" and squawking with delight. I repeat "mama" to him several times a day in hopes that that will be his first word.

I continue to spend a few moments every night just snuggling him close while he's asleep. I know that he won't seem like a baby for all that much longer and I want to soak in as much of him at this stage as I can.

Stay little, a least a little longer, my sweet boy. Mama's not ready for you to grow up yet.

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