kitchen renovation

If you follow me on my private Instagram account, you may have seen this picture:

That's right, we are in the midst of a major kitchen renovation (squeal!) and I am so excited to see the end result.

When we moved in, our kitchen looked like this:

Cute enough but it had some real quirks. Most notably, the peninsula made it impossible to open our refrigerator door fully. That's right, I haven't opened my fridge door the whole way in four years.

We've been dreaming over the past few years about updating the kitchen and since Elia is bigger now and constantly underfoot, it has really been feeling tight so we decided to just go for it. The scope of the project includes:
  • removal of the walls between the living room and dining room/kitchen
  • removal of support wall between hallway and living
  • removal of the peninsula and overhead cabinets between kitchen and dining room
  • removal of all bulkheads
  • reconfiguration of appliances
  • installation of all new custom cabinets
  • installation of island spanning threshold between kitchen/dining room and living room
  • installation of built-in banquette in dining area
  • new tile floor throughout the kitchen
I told you it was a big project.

As you can see below, all of the walls are now down and while it's really starting to come together, it is still very much in progress. 

Wish us a smooth remainder of the project. I can't wait to share the finished kitchen with you on the blog and in real life!

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  1. Very few of us are lucky enough to absolutely love our kitchen. So, a renovation is usually in order. My cabinets were nice and functional when we moved in, but wood. And I didn't love my wood cabinets. I needed something that wouldn't break the bank, so I got a cabinet paint kit and now I have nice, white cabinet just like yours!